« Cathy et les hommes à passion » – 2016 –

Cathy is a professional sm dominatrix. she started as a prostitute at saint denis street in paris at the age of 21. little by little she started speciallizing in sadoasochism and « passion men ». Nowadays she is 57 and thinking about retirement. She gives us an insight on her work and her relationship with her clients some of whom she knows since 20 years ago.  an encounter at the backstage of a sadomasochist dungeon.

« Angel, donneuse de plaisir » – 2014 –

The anonymity of the web has brought down many taboos. The word « sex » is the first most commonly used keyword. Pornographic movies, sexy chat or webcam, paid service offers flourish behind the discreet window of the Internet. Angel, a young woman working as a secretary during the day, has brought the webcam into her bedroom and, with her husband, offers libertine scenes at the request of Internet users. She sees it as a hobby that makes some money.

Jeoffrey Guillemard | Photojournalist Mexico

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